Helping Hands Tech Support
Service area focuses on West Salem, Salem proper and surrounds.
Basic Services

Basic services include In-Home Service Calls for Simple Software Issues, Audio/Visual Component Connection, Printer or other peripheral set-up or even working with your service provider testing equipment like cable boxes or modems.

Advanced Services

Advanced services include In-Home Service Calls for Complex Software Issues like Virus Removal, Computer Deep Cleaning, Hardware Troubleshooting, Multiple Computer Set-up, Home Wireless Network Expansion and Remote Computer Services.

Helping Hands Tech Support 1-888-978-6169

About your Tech:

My name is Kelly Davis, I have over 30 years experience working with computers and 10+ years in the telecom industry doing service provider facilities installation as well as providing award winning customer service, installation and technical support of TV, Phone and Internet services for end-users. All stacked on top of a degree in Electronics Engineering.





I have spent years working with people in need of support while employed by someone else.  I have never been satisfied with the limitations imposed by big corporate management on customer service.

Helping Hands Tech Support is my solution to provide you with customer service done right.

Helping Hands Tech Support 1-888-978-6169

About my Pricing:

Being married to a lovely woman who spent well over 30 years working for Uncle Sam I completely understand the budgeting limitations of living on a fixed income.

My rates are so low I could double or in most cases triple them and still not be charging what big store tech squads do.

$30.00 for the first hour and $20.00 per hour after that.

Parts, Materials, Equipment, you pay my cost +shipping if applicable.

Apple or Microsoft:

I specialize in helping you get the help you need.

Are you on that third call to your service provider after getting mailed their equipment, and they still won't send anyone to help???

I’ve spent years on the other end of that call and I know exactly how frustrating it is just to get to a live person, only to find that they either aren’t capable or quite often not allowed to get you the help you need when you need it.

Call me.

Customer Corner:

… I want to convey my thanks to Kelly who thought outside the box and provided customer service well beyond anything considered these days as “average” or “acceptable”…Mary H. 

… I was having a problem with receiving e-mails. I spoke with Kelly and he solved my problem quickly, However what impressed me the most was his courtesy, knowledge and interest in helping me…Gus Z.

Helping Hands Tech Support 1-888-978-6169